I Saw “Speed Racer”

I saw “Speed Racer“. I liked it.

I had watched the old TV show on Sunday mornings when I was kid. It was one of the few animated shows that I liked. The theme song kicked ass!

The movie had a visually interesting/weird comic book feel to it. I liked how the characters were (pretty good actors). I liked that classic scenes from the old TV show were hinted along with bits of the old theme song and sound effects. I liked that it stayed G rated. And even though a corporation was the villain agian in a Hollywood movie, since Pops Racer is a an entrepreneur and the hero it balanced it out again.

Strangely, I was mostly bored by the races themselves.

One Response

  1. I haven’t seen it yet but I’d have done it with Japanese actors and subtitled it.

    Also, you’ve been tagged, Pslog!

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