Caturing My Thoughts: How could Demographic warfare be used with 5GW?

I wrote this at D5GW:

Here’s one way:

The 5GW actor (perhaps a group with-in the state bureaucracy [1]) would create and support policies and institutions that create mechanisms and incentives for the subtle long-term movement of demographically targeted types of people (the Prawns [2] [3]).

The goal of the 5GWers is not the movement of the people for some immediate benefit to the 5GWers (or their cause or their state).

The goal is to shape the outcome of a possible/potential/unknown future conflict by creating for those future decision-making leaders tools and options they would not have otherwise. In a conflict, the decision-making-leaders only have options based on whatever stuff (e.g. tools, capabilities, culture, institutions, willpower) are at their disposal right then (or I suppose in the very near future to them).

This is much different then trying to do 5GW where the 5GWers change the minds of a group of people to take on an identity and pursue goals as the identity groups that also lead to outcomes that the the 5GWers want.


1) Security: Future Enemy can’t counter the 5GWers, their changes have already been made.

2)Secrecy: The 5GWers action, if detected even by historian, will resemble politics or perhaps conspiracy-theory nonsense.

3) Adaptability: The 5GW’s effects could aid the state in ways the 5GWers didn’t think of originally


1)Will it hit the target? It is hard to aim or focus this type of 5GW.

2 Will it be ready in time? The long-time lines make precision timing impossible.

[1] TDAXP calls this the “state-within 5GW”



Seerov challenged me to come with a fictional scenario, which I have not yet done.

I developed something else, which I will post after reviewing again.

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