Creative Destruction Example in Milwaukee

The local Schwartz’s bookseller chain just died (it couldn’t compete with B&N in the fleshspace, or in cyberspace), but its 800-CEO-READ:

At a time when independent, bricks-and-mortar general bookstores all over are closing, 800-CEO-READ is an independent that’s thriving. With just 15 employees and 3,000 square feet in a renovated office building in the Third Ward, it has not only successfully held its own against Internet and large-chain booksellers but has also carved a spot for itself as one of the nation’s premier sellers and arbiters of what is best in business literature.

Today it further secures its reputation as the tastemaker. Covert, the founder and chief mentor of 800-CEO-READ, and Todd Sattersten, the company’s new president, are coming out with their first book, “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time: What They Say, Why They Matter, and How They Can Help You” ($25.95).

I used to go to Schwartz’s all the time. It wasn’t as good a the University Bookstore, but it was some much better then the old bookseller chains. Then I discovered Borders (I would drive to Madison) and Barnes & Noble (I would go down to Chicago), and the wonderfully online

Capitalism‘s Creative Destruction works. We are all better for it. Death to Zombies.

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